missing lids 2.0​​

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Winner of Most Promising Emerging Company- Wellington Fringe Festival 2019
Nominated for Most Outstanding Ensemble- Wellington Fringe Festivl 2019

Discotheque remounted 'Missing Lids' (originally made and performed in Auckland 2018) for the 2019 Wellington Fringe Festival. Missing Lids was performed at Te Auaha Theatre with the support of Creative NZ and Dancetopia Dance Studios..

exerpt from the program
"We hope to do one thing, entertain you for an evening- that is all.
Let’s take a look at the facade we endure on a daily basis and what it really takes to be a human in this day and age. Let’s do this through dance, which probably means you won’t understand anything at all. Enjoy."

Issy Estrella, Tiana Lung, Bree Timms, Olivia Foley, Neve Pierce 

Special thank you to Joshua Faleatua (NahYouFilm), Elekis Poblete Teirney (lighting design and operation), Dancetopia Dance Studios for rehearsal sponsorship and NZ Fringe Festival.


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